Effective from 05/04/2021

Dr.Hows is a brand of household appliances originating from Korea, belonging to OJC Co., Ltd with headquarters in Korea. OJC Vina Co., Ltd, owned by OJC Co., Ltd with 100% charter capital, is currently the exclusive importer and distributor of Dr.Hows brand in Vietnam. We, OJC Vina Co., Ltd., respect the privacy of our customers and are committed to protecting personal information when customers shop on the Dr.Hows sales website. The following are guidelines when accessing privacy and personal information at Dr.Hows sales website.

Personal Information Privacy Policy includes the following:

  1. Consent
  2. Collecting Purpose
  3. Scope of use of information
  4. Information storage time
  5. Persons or organizations with access to information
  6. Information collection and management unit
  7. Methods and tools for consumers to access and edit information
  8. Mechanism for receiving and resolving consumer complaints
  9. Effective.

1. Consent

By providing us with your personal information, you agree that your personal information will be collected and used as outlined in this Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, you have the right to stop providing us with any personal information.

We reserve the right to amend or supplement this Policy at any time. We encourage you to regularly review this Privacy Policy for the most recent updates to ensure you know and exercise your right to manage your personal information.

2. Purpose of collection

We collect, store and process your information to serve the purchase process at the website, related services after the purchase and for the purpose of improving and developing the website to become safe, convenient and convenient. more convenient for users. The information we collect includes but is not limited to the following: full name, email, phone number (mobile/landline), residential address (details by county, province, country) family). All the information we collect is only used for the sole purpose of verifying orders, supporting customers and upgrading and improving service provision for customers.

3. Scope of information use

We collect necessary personal information and use it to the following extent:

  • Orders: to handle issues related to your order;
  • Account Maintenance: to create and maintain your account with us, including loyalty or bonus programs associated with your account;
  • Consumer Service, Customer Service: including responding to your requests, complaints and feedback, reviews;
  • Personalization: We may combine the data collected to have a more complete view of a consumer, thereby allowing us to better serve with stronger personalization at aspects, including but not limited to:
    • (i) to improve and personalize your experience on the Dr.Hows.
    • (ii) to improve utilities and services, tailor them to personalized needs, and come up with new service ideas.
    • (iii) to serve you with referrals and advertisements tailored to your interests.
  • Security: for the purposes of preventing infringing activities, destroying customer accounts or other fraudulent activities.
  • According to the requirements of the law: depending on the provisions of the law from time to time, we may collect, store and provide at the request of the competent state agency.

4. Information storage time

Customer’s personal information will be stored until the customer sends us a cancellation request or the customer logs in and cancels the information. In all cases, personal information of customers will be kept confidential on the Dr.Hows sales website.

5. Persons or organizations that may have access to information;

We do not provide your personal information to any third parties, except for some necessary activities below:

  • Partners are the service providers for us related to order fulfillment and are limited to the necessary information as well as the application of regulations to ensure security and confidentiality of information. personal.
  • We may use a service from a third-party service provider to perform certain activities related to the Dr.Hows sales website, which can then be accessed by this third party. or process personal information in the course of providing such services.We require these third parties to comply with all relevant personal information protection laws and security requirements regarding personal information.
  • Legal requirements: We may disclose personal information if it is required by law and such disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with legal processes.< /li>

6. Information collection and management unit

OJC Vina Co., Ltd

Established and operated under the Business Registration Certificate No: 3702733370 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Duong province, first registered on January 2, 2019

Headquarter: Land No. 1028, Map sheet No. 19, Road DX10, Tan Vinh Hiep Ward, Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Contact Address: Plot No. 1028, Map Sheet No. 19, Road DX10, Tan Vinh Hiep Ward, Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Policy or regarding the practices of our collection and management of personal information, please contact us by:
(1) Call the hotline: 0927.071.633; or (2) Send an email to the email address:[email protected]

7. Methods and tools for consumers to access and edit information

Customers have the right to provide us with personal information and can change that decision at any time. Customers have the right to self-check, update and adjust their personal information by accessing the website, logging in to their registered account to edit personal information or contacting us to request. provide, edit information via email [email protected] or hotline 0927.071.633.

8. Mechanism for receiving and resolving consumer complaints

If there are any complaints related to the misuse of personal information or the reported scope, please contact us through the following forms:
Call the hotline: 0927.071.633; or Send email to email address:[email protected]

9. Effect

This Privacy Policy is effective from April 5, 2021.