About Dr.HOWS

Dr.HOWS optimizes the kitchen by developing and delivering the perfect kitchen tools for your nutritional life. We provide simple, convenient and equally beautiful kitchen tools, making kitchen work no longer difficult when you have Dr.Hows. Whether you are a housewife who takes care of housework and children, or a “hands-on” who only knows how to cook instant noodles.

Have you ever enjoyed going to the kitchen, or enjoying a hot meal at home?And what difficulties make you hesitate in cooking? bếp Dr. Hows is always watching and looking for answers for you. So shorten your cooking time to enjoy moments for yourself and your loved ones.

< p style="color: #ffffff;">We make life easy and relaxing.

Dr.HOWS Brand Story

The SIMPLE principle makes life easy and peaceful


Dr.HOWS Research Center always explores, observes and develops your nutritional life

Dr.HOWS brand value

SIMPLE principle makes life easy and quiet


We make simple, lightweight products with a transparent process.


All members of Dr.HOWS are involved in every process, from production to sale.


The product is minimalist in terms of materials and packaging to eliminate errors during distribution and development.


We care about the environment and use recycled materials throughout the process, from product development, distribution and delivery.


Create products that make your kitchen lovely and elegant


Make a product that anyone can use.

Dr.HOWS Design Ideas

SALIM principles make life easy and peaceful. A kitchen tool that any Korean housewife can easily use. Dr.HOWS is the first to do that. “Nice to meet Dr.HOWS”


26 years old Tu Anh Kim Nam-il, who only knows how to make fried eggs.

I need Dr.HOWS

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It has been 5 years since they lived together, but the 27-year-old couple is still afraid of fishing.

I need Dr.HOWS

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marks of our

Launched Website https://drhows.vn and popular e-commerce channels in Vietnam

First launched in VIETNAM as a gift
Established branch office in Vietnam. Launch of Luxury Kitchen (Dr.HOWS Twinkle Launch)
Established OJC VINA CO., LTD

E-commerce FLOOR